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I am a Social Media Manager and Multimedia Designer. I am a self-starting social media designer for small businesses with over 8 years of digital design experience. Helping to build and grow Small Businesses has been my focus for the past 4 years.

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My Anthropology

I have created and re-branded dozens of brands over the past five years. You can see my work here. Brand Design has been an excellent way to navigate a world I have always wanted to be part of. My most vital skill is helping clients bring to life what they envision but can't quite put a pen on. I have crafted a well-defined voice in my design field based on my branding work over the years.
I created my first vector drawing over 15 years ago in Photoshop. My continued pursuit of strengthening my skills has improved my branding illustrations and allowed me to create beautiful works of art during my spare time. My work can be seen in my illustrations portfolio, or visit Dribbble to see some of my shots.
Content Management
I began my journey as a content manager for various social media platforms over ten years ago. From interning, working for a cosmetic firm, to eventually managing brands independently, I've built a solid client base that believes in my work.

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Live Style Branding

Branding for Mental Health

Branding for Real Estate

Brand Guide Books

Each client I work with is given the opportunity to build a guidebook that helps to perfect the branding process no matter what designer is holding it. Brand books helps to align current teams and onboarding designers.

This "Design Guidebook" is an example of a brand that wanted to have a cohesive design along with alternative logos that allowed for more design flexibility.

Logo Specifications
Color Palette
Brand Imaging
Photographic Imagery
Social Media Identity
Sample Layouts
Internal Branding Guides
Presentation Guides
and MORE!

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